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TailWind is an Asset Tokenization Platform. Using the power of Blockchain, you can tokenize your gaming assets in a few simple steps( with the highest levels of security and compliance ). So you can distribute your gaming tokens to your future customers. The built-in Smart Contracts add power to your gaming Tokens. You can easily distribute them globally, to a wide pool of gaming enthusiasts.

The initial focus of Tailwind will be on Gaming, Music and In App Assets.


$30M Manhattan Real Estate Property Tokenized With Blockchain

Tokenization is paving the way for a new forefront in real estate development.

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Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Identify certain utilities in your games and create them into tokens even before the game is developed. You can pre-sell your gaming assets to your future customers and get the capital required to develop the game. Your customers can use the tokens in the game once launched.

FortKnox Grade Security
Decentralised. Hacker Proof.

Built on Super Secure, Time Tested Blockchain Frameworks. Total Decentralised Token holding and Transfer Approach.

Legal / Regulatory Compliant
Customised Smart Contracts, Services.

Based on your country, the compliance part of the Smart contract can be customised. Also provided are required on-site services. Learn more.

are a team of Technology Experts with deep Blockchain Tokenization domain knowledge.




partners worldwide.
TailWind is an end-to-end platform that offers technology help to get your Gaming tokens created seamlessly. Along with our partners we also provide you the dashboard to manage your tokens. And the required visibility.

Power your game with Blockchain Tokens instantly. Ready to Tokenize your game?